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Shaped by the Ocean

While traveling the Philippines earlier this year, we were looking for someone inspiring. For someone we could tell a story about. Starry eyed we brought this wish and all our camera gear to an remote Island called Siargao, not knowing what to film there. Through contact with dozens of locals we understood that there was this one guy, who might deserve a platform for his story. So we met the 18 years old surfer Edwardo Alciso who gave us an introduction to his life. This film is a passion film, non commercial – shot and realized by a handful of people. Thanks to everyone who helped creating this 5min insight in Edwardo’s life.

directors: alex schuchmann & zoé paula
production company: hometown
director of photography & editor: alex schuchmann
underwater cinematography: oliver bayer
sounddesign: henric schleiner
music : eeph
translation: jolan saavedra
bts photography: max schmedes & zoé paula